A Magical Encounter in Utah

April 21, 2019


I spent several days in Salt Lake City this month giving presentations and making friends with some extraordinary people. Everywhere you look there are mountains, and it is gorgeous!  The only thing I didn’t like about Utah was how difficult it was to buy a bottle of wine. I felt like a criminal going into a government liquor store to purchase the devil’s brew. . The highlight of my trip was this… Several years ago I came across this photo. It’s the grave marker for a wheelchair-bound boy who died at age 11. If you know me, you’ll know why it resonated with me so much. . I was early for a meeting in downtown SLC one morning, so I drove around for a while to kill some time. I found myself next to a cemetery and decided to drive through it. As soon as I pulled in, I remembered that this grave was in Utah, and I had a feeling it might be in the very cemetery where I now found myself. I flagged down an employee and asked him if this grave was there, and of course, it was. . I was amazed that after having this photo in my mind for years, I was finally standing in front of of the actual thing, live, in person. I gathered some pine cones and put them on the little wheelchair as a tribute to this boy, Matthew Robison, and to all children like him. I bow in gratitude every day to my precious son Danny for leading me on this path.


Terri Daniel

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