Grief in the Body

April 1, 2016

Grief in the body


I had planned to dedicate this issue to bereavement, and to offer a discount on readings by our friend Freddie Rivera, a highly-respected psychic medium.

But something very strange happened. Freddie suddenly died this month, quite unexpectedly, and surprised us all. He loved the Afterlife Conference and our newsletter, The Afterlife Advocate (he always read every word and alerted me to typos), so dearest Freddie, we send you our love and many blessings for your journey.

When working with death and the afterlife, the experience of grief and mourning cannot be ignored. This is why our newsletters offer a variety of articles and content that cover everything from end-of-life-care and physical death to afterlife studies and bereavement.

We know that grief, if not processed consciously, can get stuck in our bodies and cause illness, depression, addiction and more. One thing that addresses this beautifully is Grief Yoga, which opens the chest and the heart chakra to release grief in the body. It will be taught by Paul Denniston at this year’s afterlife conference, and is a perfect complement to the mystical and ritual practices we are learning and teaching for navigating the grief journey.

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