Leaving Christianity is a Lot Harder than it Looks

May 14, 2022

by Clint Heacock, PhD


If you are in the process of deconstructing your belief system, and possibly thinking of leaving your Christian faith behind, be aware of one sobering reality: it is potentially far more difficult than you might think, for a variety of reasons.

Disentangling oneself from one’s religion can be incredibly difficult and may take — literally — a lifetime, with lasting consequences both to yourself and those around you. This is even more the case when the one who leaves is involved in a marriage or committed relationship with a partner who still believes. Involving children into the mix further exacerbates the already difficult and painful choice to walk away from it all.

For the following three reasons I lay out and explore below, leaving one’s faith or religion is fraught with potential peril and difficulties.


Terri Daniel

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