Religious Trauma and Toxic Theology

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Current Issues from The Conference on Death, Grief and Belief

June 2024 - Water Cremation for Pets | Terminal Lucidity

May 2024 - Our New Conference | The Day Ram Dass Died

April 2024 -       Is Death the New Sex? | Ayahuasca | Spiritual Bypassing

March 2024 -  Black "nones | Chaplains in Schools | the Grief Experience

February 2024 - Hospice politics | Chatbots for Grief | How Not to Talk About Suicide

January 2024 - Dangers of Christian Nationalism | Breaking the Widow Rules

December 2023- Replacing Archaic Grief Theories with Practical Tools

November 2023 -  Seven Bereavement Themes | Death with Dignity

October 2023 - Is Grief Counseling Effective? | Religious Scholarship | Competitive Grieving

September 2023 - 
Exploiting vs. Helping the Bereaved | The Failures of Modern Medicine

August 2023 - Spiritual Bypassing | Bart Ehrman | Invisible Women in Israel

July 2023 - Physician Attitudes Toward Hospice | Disability and Bad Theology

June 2023 - The Pitfalls of Prayer | Laughing About Loss

May 2023 -  Brain Damage and Religious Fundamentalism | What We Get Wrong About Death

April 2023 - Fearless grief | Children's Grief

March 2023 -  Think You're Certified? Think Again!

February 2023 - Pet care at end-of-life | Dying in America | Bart Ehrman

January 2023 -  The  Problem with Death Doula Training | Psychedelic Chaplaincy

December 2022 - Cultural Appropriation | No Stages of Grief | America's Religious Landscape

November 2022 - Dia de los Muetros | Pondering the Death Penalty

October 2022 - Psychedelics and Near-Death Experiences

September 2022 - Misinformation About Physician-Assisted Death | Spiritual People as Activists

August 2022 - Conference highlights | Thanatology education | God ignores violence

July 2022 - Psychedelic death | Childhood religious trauma | Secular ritals

June 2022 - How doctors die | Yoga Barbie | Memorial tatoos

May 2022 - NDEs are not hallucinations | Grief camps | Power vs. Empowerment

April 2022 - Separating myth from meaning | Psilocybin | Easter origins

March 2022 - Shared-Death Experiences | How Religion Imprints Us

February 2022 - Survival of Consciousness After Death | Spiritual But Not Religious

January 2022 - Why Americans Are Uncomfortable With Atheism/Grief After Divorce

December 2021 - A More Conscious Christmas | Santa Claus vs. God Almighty

November 2021 - Terrible Texts of the Bible | Covid and Spirituality | Deathbed Visions

October 2021- Spiritual But Not Religious | What the Bible Says About Abortion

September 2021 - Spiritual bypassing | Can religion give you PTSD?

August 2021 - Varieties of Near-Death Experiences | The Problem with Research on Religion

July 2021 -  Mediums and Seers in Victorian Times | Dreams and Visions of the Dying


Archives From The Afterlife Conference


June 2021 -  Our Last Afterlife Conference

May 2021 - Great Sources for Afterlife Research/An  Interfaith Approach to The National Day of Prayer

April 2021 - Children's past lives/ Recovering From Religion

March 2021 - Deep dive into NDEs/Comparative Religion

February 2021 - 11th Annual Afterlife Conference announced/Dissolving the Dead

January 2021 -  The Nature of Death/Conspirituality/Bereavement and the Buddhist Afterlife

December 2020  - Grief in the Holiday Season/ The Work of a Shaman

November 2020 - Religious Trauma Syndrome/Mormon Afterlife

October 2020  - The Ego's Desire for Deathlessness / Update on the 2021 Afterlife Conference

September 2020 - Survey on Consciousness After Death/ Ancestral Medicine

August 2020 -  Near Death Experiences are Culturally Subjective / Facing Death as a Young Adult

July 2020 - Why Did You Bring Me Back? / What Flowers Teach Us About Death

June 2020 -  How dogs help with grief/How Consciousness leaves the body

May 2020 - Shamans in the ICU/ NDEs and Suicide

April 2020 - Grief During the Corona Virus Pandemic

March 2020 - Introducing the Podcast Parlor/Celebrity Deaths

February 2020 - Teaching Doctors to Talk About Death/Advantages of After-Death Communication

January 2020 - Scientific and Spiritual Implications of Psychic Abilities/Resuscitation Medicine

December 2019 - What People See and Say When They're Dying

November 2019 - If it's Not Evidential, it's not Mediumship/Meet John Pavlovitz

October 2019 - Short videos about dying/Should Catholics talk to the dead?

September 2019 - About Religion/Death Education in Schools

August 2019 -  Dreams and visions of the dying/Terri Daniel's new book

July 2019  - Conference wrap-up/Why all NDEs are different/How I Want to be Dead

June 2019 - Toxic Theology and Complicated Grief/Shared-Death Experience

May 2019
- Scientific testing of mediumship/NPR explores the afterlife

April 2019 - Our four-legged soulmates/Dr. Daniel/Near-Death experiences across cultures

March 2019 - Talking to ancestors while dying/Birth, death and the journey of the soul

February 2019 - NDEs in mainstream media/Psychedelic therapy

January 2019 - Community Grief/Can animals see spirits? /Euthanizing our pets

December 2018 - Metaphysical movies/My first deaths/2018 conference wrap-up

November 2018 - Grieving for pets/Hearing voices

October 2018 - Celtic grief rituals/Grief in indigenous cultures

September 2018 -  Mediumship and Bereavement/ Life & Death on the Roulette Wheel

August 2018 - Spirituality and Bereavement class/couples at end-of-life

July 2018 - Another side of suicide/Toxic theology

June 2018 -  Reincarnation in the Bible/Death as a Miracle/Seatbelt Psychic

May 2018
- Complicated Grief/Cremation vs. Burial/Talking to Children About Death

April 2018 - Fowler's Stages of Faith/Revising Your Death Plan/A Year of Reading Dangerously

March 2018 -  Mushroom death suit/New Age v. Christian beliefs/Become an Afterlife Ambassador

February 2018 - Ian Stevenson/Why some people don't die peacefully/Bereaved is not your identity

January 2018 - DNRs/NDE research/2018 conference announced

December 2017 - Grief and the holidays, grief and mass shootings

November 2017 - Messages from the Divine/Banned TED talks

October 2017 -  Dr. Sam Parnia/No Hard Feelings

September 2017 - Assisted death in Canada/NDE research study/Psylocybin as a healing tool

August 2017 - Confessions of a funeral director/Hospice care for pets/Study on transcendent experience

July 2017 - Conference wrap-up/Being present at your own wake/Greatest mediumship story ever told

June 2017 -I know you love me, now let me die/Is mediumship real?

May 2017 - Now that we know, what can we do? | Five tips for quality at end-of-life

April 2017 -Creative Cremation/A Dying Woman's View of Physician-Assisted Death/Extremis

March 2017 - Phone calls to Heaven, Suicide, The Pitfalls of Prolonging Death

February 2017 - The Broken Heart Syndrome, Spiritual Perspectives Survey

January 2017 - Spiritual But Not Religious, Is Mediumship Real?

December 2016 - Music at the bedside, Multi-Cultural Afterlife, Morse & Moody movie

November 2016 - Is Death the New Sex? Spong article on hell, Chris Kerr documentary

October 2016 - David Kessler tribute, Stafford Betty on religion & afterlife/Maire's Journey/Ram Dass lecture


September 2016 - Steven Hawking/hospice myths/Colorado right-to-die legislation


August 2016  Forgiveness at end of life/beautiful short films about death


July 2016  Terrorism is not a religious act/Ram Dass letter to grieving parents/Therapy dogs

June 2016  - Conference wrap-up/ Mysticism and Religion/ The Truth About NDEs  
April 2016 - How to Define Death/ Grief in the Body/ A Nurse's Point of View

Mar. 2016 - Origins of Easter Traditions/ Dreams of the Dying/ Being Mortal  

Feb. 2016 - Interview with Dr. Sam Parnia/History of Valentine's Day        
Jan. 2016 - Helping a Grieving Friend/ End-of-Life Telesummit   

Dec. 2015 
 - Winter Solstice History/ Grief and Resilience During the Holidays/ Out-of-Body Experience

Nov. 2015 -  Maire's Journey/ Why Study Death/Buster the Dog

Oct. 2015 - Autumn Equinox History/ Tell me Something New/ Near-Death Experience on FOX news       
Sept. 2015 - The Final Words Project/ NDEs: Mystical Experience or Psychotic Episode?       

August 2015 - The Terrible Texts of the Bible/ Loss, Trauma and the Expansion of Consciousness

June 2015  - Grief and Mediumship/Animals in the Afterlife/Grief as a Mystical Journey 
April 2015 - Easter and Passover Scholarship/Inducted After-Death Communication

March 2015 - Spring Equinox Rituals/Shamanic Work in the Afterlife/The Power of Prayer
February 2015 - What is Romance/Many Mansions/The Power of Love

January 2015 -  Out-of-Body Journeying/Movies for Starting and End-of-Life Conversation

December 2014 - What is real mediumship/A Shaman's View of Life Beyond the Body

November 2014 - Aya Despacho; a Prayer Package for the Dead/The Collective Inheritance of Grief