Several of our presenters who are professional counselors will be offering private sessions during the conference weekend. Please see below for descriptions of their offerings, and contact them directly for scheduling and payments.

Janice Selbie, RPC  is a Registered Professional Counsellor and Religious Recovery Consultant in British Columbia, Canada. Her personal experience leaving both religious fundamentalism and ending a two-decade marriage motivated her to return to school to obtain her RPC designation. She has since founded the Divorcing Religion Workshop, and also provides one-on-one consulting services for those recovering from religious trauma. To schedule online appointments, visit and click "Book Now." To book a session during the conference, she can be reached at or 662-347-7139.


Andrew Jasko, MDiv, MA- As a religious trauma specialist and spirituality coach, Andrew helps people heal from religious harm and reclaim a healthy connection with spirituality on their terms (spiritual, atheist, religious, or undefined) by using trauma-informed techniques and psychospiritual practices. To schedule a free Inner Freedom Session, visit  Contact:, 732-299-5223.

expert in toxic religious beliefs

Jamie Eaddy Chism, MDiv, DMin is a certified trauma professional, clinically trained chaplain, and certified in death, dying, and bereavement. She is Princeton University Black Theology and Leadership Institute Fellow, and is uniquely trained to help people navigate death and non-death related loss. To schedule a consultation during the conference, visit or call 215-701-3868.


Jamie Eaddy